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What is Bright Dip Anodizing?

Bright dipping is a chemical polishing process carried out prior to anodizing and is very effective in enhancing the secularity of aluminum.

Products made from selected alloys and properly prepared by buffing and polishing are used to produce automotive, appliance, and architectural trim. Many items, such as truck and automotive mirrors are often mistaken as being chrome plated. Bright decorative colors are widely used in the manufacture of sports equipment such as mini-mag flashlights, paintball guns, tennis rackets and baseball bats.

Process Description

The process is a phosphoric/nitric acid based chemical polishing pre-treatment. A very rigid relationship of several factors must be maintained at all times. Concentration of nitric acid, phosphoric acid, aluminum in suspension, specific gravity, and temperature must be constantly in balance.

Since the process is performed at a relatively high temperature, it requires a very strict control of chemicals together with technical skill and experience.