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Quality Assurance Documentation

Statement of Policy

Buckeye Anodizing would like to remind you of the established practices o the metal finishing industry in processing your materials.   These practices have been adopted by many other well-established metal finishers a statement of policy.  It is generally recognized that even after employing all the science known to us, and capable persons with years of training and experience, there still remain hazards in the metal finishing fields.  As a consequence, in order to avoid misunderstandings, we are hereby setting forth the below conditions under which your material will be accepted for processing:

Whenever we are given work for processing with detailed instructions as to treatment, our responsibility shall end with the carrying out of those instructions.  Type of material, tolerance and specifications for processing shall be declared in writing prior to our processing.

Our Liability for any cause is limited to the lesser of the cost of either the direct labor and material damaged by our processing or three time our processing charges for product processed.

Compensation will only be given in the form of credit towards future processing unless otherwise in writing prior to processing the job.

Liability greater than that outlined in the above paragraph will be assumed by Buckeye Anodizing only when agreed upon in writing.  In such event a higher charge may be made for our services.

Parts, materials, etc. as processed by Buckeye Anodizing shall be presumed to be accepted as satisfactory by you if we are not notified of damages, shortages or other discrepancies within (10) working days of your receipt of the same parts.  Rejected parts must be returned to us for rework.  Further processing or assembly of rejected parts, materials, etc, by you or any other party shall constitute a waiver of any liability on our part.

Where operations or processes performed by Buckeye Anodizing are in the nature of “salvage” or “salvaging” parts or material, the work is accepted on a “best effort” basis and no liability shall attach to Buckeye Anodizing unless previously agreed upon in writing prior to processing the job.

In the event that results of the metal finishing operation(s) are unsatisfactory due to metal imperfection, changes in grade or composition of materials, manufacturing and/or fabrication imperfections usages for which the plating or other metal finishing operation was not reasonably designed, and similar variable over which we have no control, the customer would be required to pay the contracted amount for the finishing operation(s) performed.

Due to the high risk of damage from differential heating of alloy constituents in high copper aluminum alloys, all 2000 series aluminum alloys will only be hard anodized (type III) on a “best effort” basis and Buckeye anodizing shall have no liability for parts damaged during the process.

This statement of policy supersedes all prior written or verbal terms and conditions.  Furthermore, at the time and date material is processed, this statement of policy supersedes all other terms and conditions and is the sole document outlining Buckeye Anodizing terms, conditions and liabilities under which we will accept material for processing.

In the event that credit is due to the customer within the above conditions, said credit will be given towards future work and shall not be paid by Buckeye Anodizing in cash.

We trust you will agree with us that the conditions above set forth are realistic and reasonable and that acceptance of the material for [processing subject to such conditions will permit us to continue to provide high quality metal finishing at a fair and reasonable cost.


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